An action by international organizations, with the support of the federal government, specimens of the bird raised in captivity abroad will now be reintegrated into the environment. Among the several specific details of the mega-operation is the quarantine, which will take place at the Ararinha-Azul Wildlife Refuge, in Bahia.

“Any transfer of an animal poses a health risk. Every animal carries with it potential pathogens and when transport occurs, there is a risk of transporting pathogens from one place to another, so it is necessary for birds to be quarantined, increasing the biosafety of the entire operation ”, informs Ugo Vercillo.

According to the specialist, there is only one quarantine of birds in Brazil, in São Paulo, but ICMBio has obtained authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) for the Center for the Reintroduction and Reproduction of the Macaw quarantine in this operation. “The quarantine of São Paulo would not support the 50 birds and MAPA authorization was essential for the action to continue as planned”, he reinforces.

After quarantine, where all the necessary tests are done, the blue macaws can finally start the adaptation period in the nursery before being released.